Home office

For those who do not dare “live the workday in a tunnel”, Xtrasound earphones let you be present with your family. They feature a high-quality microphone, a  battery dimensioned for a day’s work and audio quality Bluetooth wireless. Wearing them you can move, participate to communication and life around you. They reduce considerably the fatigue of the connected home office.

Maintenance technicians

Being connected “hands free” as soon as necessary… Keeping the earphones under the hearing protection ! At the time of “connected maintenance 4.0”, the Xtrasound earphones provide both an excellent sound quality and allow perfect conscience of the work environment. Industry, highways, airports, construction sites, are but a few places where the ActivMotion solution brings  the best value.

Solutions for hygienic clothes and movements

The ActivGesture sensor is able to discriminate 5 movements with close to 100% accuracy; This means that false detections can be avoided. The gestures are interpreted and sent as orders to the smartphone or Blue-tooth compatible radio. Commanding the device without touching anything decreases greatly the risk of transmission by hand contact. Coupled with Xtrasound earphones, the system offers non-contact, reliable, comfortable  communication system which can be wore during long hours by professionals in need of hygienic working procedures. Youtube Video

Office and workplace

Xtrasound earphones bring back dialog and human communication in the workplace. The ultralight headset provides stereophonic sound, while keeping the contact with colleagues. Compared to classic solutions like monaural earpiece or closed headset, they considerably reduce  hearing fatigue.


Civil security, firefighters, army, bear the triple burden of heavy protection gear, total awareness of the environment and lifeline connection to the central operations. Xtrasound earphones are almost invisible, fit under a heavy helmet, a respiratory facemask  or soundproof pads, and do not irritate the ear.

Warehouses and logistic centers

Voice assisted picking is where the Xtrasound earphones bring total sense and value. Ultra light, they offer stereophonic sound and complete awareness of the direction of the environment sounds, which reduces the danger and contributes to workers safety.