Our technology

Xtrasound earphones come in different shapes and are all compatibles with ear protection buds.

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Eminentia earphones are clipped over the ear and immediately forgotten. They fit under a noise protection helmet. They are connected by wires to the modules (Bluetooth, USB, etc.).


Crura is a complete solution for office and workplace communication. The earphones are connected by a headband. The module along the right cheek houses the microphone, a long-lasting rechargeable battery and Bluetooth communications.


Scapha features a proprietary, ergonomic shape. The earphone is comfortably locked in place and does not fall from the ear, even during  quick head movements. The  earphones are connected by wires to modules or USB connectors.


Xtrasound earphones can be connected through wired or digital means : USB, analog, Bluetooth. The Module houses a battery, a microphone and Bluetooth communications and fits on the shoulder.